miercuri, 6 aprilie 2016

Calendar si concursuri simultane

Buna ziua.
  De data asta avem mai multe puncte:

1. Calendarul lunii Aprilie este postat pe site la sectiunea corespunzătoare. Vi-l reamintesc pe scurt:

  • 2-3 Aprilie Finala CN de Perechi la Locomotiva Bucuresti. Arbitru Dl. Adrian Craciun 
  • 8-10 aprilie Cupa Banatului la Timisoara. Arbitru Dl. Razvan Spiridonescu
  • 14-17 Aprilie Dobrich Bulgaria Arbitru Dl. Razvan Spiridonescu
  • 15-17 Aprilie, Cupa Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt. Arbitrii Dl. Dimboianu Calin si Dl. Adrian Craciun 
  • 23-24 Aprilie, Cupa Bacaului.

2. Un articol despre bridge, poker si altele. Link-ul este AICI

3. Am primit urmatoarea invitatie de la Tihana Brkljacic

   ”Dear friend, let me inform you about an extraordinary bridge event where every club pair will be teamed with world best players !    It will be a simultaneous event where players in clubs around the world will play matches with the same set of pre-dealt boards. Then later those very same boards will be played by two world-class pairs on BBO. Each pair playing at the club level will be “teamed” with one of the top pairs playing on BBO. Thus every pair in your clubs will, in effect, be playing a match with superstar teammates (like Helgemo, Auken, Welland, Bessis, Versace, cem Tokay, Gromov, Klukowski or Zia). Not only will club players have star team-mates, but they will also be able to watch their performance (live, on BBO) on the boards they've just played.
Web: www.bridgethegap2016.info
• Tournaments will be played every day from 11th to 15th April (5 days)
• You can play one or more days. Every match is scored separately.
• You can play at any time you like (morning, afternoon, evening)
• 2 matches per day, 12 boards per match, versus two different pairs, IMP scoring
• every night, two different expert pairs will play on BBO, so in total we will have 10 expert pairs (every two expert pairs will play one night, 2 matches)
• You play in your club (any club in the world can join), Experts play on BBO (so you can kibitz them)
Who will I play against?On any given day, you will play predealt boards against two other pairs in your club (1st match against one pair, 2nd match against some other pair). Clubs will try to arrange that pairs of similar strength are opposing each other. For the second match you will change position (EW/NS).You don't make any comparison, but just write down the results.
Who are my team-mates?
Same night (about midnight), 2 expert pairs will play the same boards online on BBO. You will be in the team with one of them, and your club opponents with the other. You will play one match with one of the superstar pairs as your team-mates, and the other match with the other world-class pair.
Results: You can score your match while watching your team-mates pay on BBO, and final results will be published on www.bridgethegap2016.info  site.

Prizes: Although this event is not about prizes, we try to provide some nice special gifts for best pairs. We hope that these gifts will attract even more pairs to join. Organizations, federations, clubs and individuals are invited to donate their products or services to be used as prizes for this event. In this way you can promote your product or service, and help promotion of the event in the same time.
Why? With this event we will be raising money for student bridge teams to participate in the European Universities Sport Games to be held in July 2016. Therefore we suggest a donation of €10 per player per day to participate in this event. However, it is on the club manager to decide. Although the direct purpose of the event is to raise money for student teams, it is our intention to connect players around the world, professionals and amateurs, old and young... to bridge the gap. Therefore we don't want that any country, any club or any player gives up this opportunity because of money issues.
Hereby I invite you to join, promote and support Bridge-the-Gap event!
Best regards!
 Pe scurt vom juca 2 meciuri de cate 12 done, calcul in IMP-uri. E important sa fim numar par de perechi!  Avem tot ce ne trebuie sa putem juca. Nu ne costa nimic! Putem insa dona o suma! Astept pana Sambata reactii ca sa pot face inscrierea clubului.

4. Si mai avem o invitatie 

”As many of you will already be aware an exciting, revised World Wide Bridge Contest is coming for 2016 with an amazing prize for the winning pairs – qualification to a Final to be held in Beijing, China from 23rd - 25th September with coverage for travel expenses, free B&B accommodation and a great prize fund!  

The new contest will comprise six simultaneous pairs events to be held on Tuesday 26th & Thursday 28th April, Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th May and culminating with the final two on the traditional dates of Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th June. Clubs may enter one or more of the events. There will be commentaries on the hands published online after each tournament for the participants to download and enjoy.

From these events, 13 pairs will qualify for a 3-day final to be held in Beijing, China from 23rd - 25th September, joining a further 7 pairs from China, to play the 3-day final which will be played using BBO software.

Pairs participating in the final will have free B&B accommodation in double room, with free in-room Internet access offered by the Organization Committee. In addition the Organization Committee will provide each overseas player with US$1600 as subsidies for the round transportation expenses.

The final will have a prize fund of US$ 20,000
The 13 winning pairs will be selected as follows:
a)       the winning pair from each of the six simultaneous pairs events, then
b)      The winners from each Continent not having won an individual session PROVIDED they have scored over 55% then
c)       The highest scoring pairs from any session to complete the required number of pairs in the final.

Entry fee of just US$2, £1.50 GBP or €1.90 per player per event. Payment instructions will be sent with the information to the participating clubs.

WBF Year points will be awarded to the winning pairs from each heat.

More details and all the information about the technical aspects of the contest will be found at www.ecatsbridge.com .

Please encourage the clubs in your country to join us for at least one of these enjoyable events. They just need to email me and tell me which date or dates they wish to play, then about 3 weeks before the event I will send them a zip file with everything they need in order to run a heat. I will email clubs with whom I have contact for other events very shortly to let them know of this exciting new Simultaneous Pairs.

Best regards

Dupa cum puteti citi acesta este un alt simultan in care trebuie sa achitam ceva banuti dar e posibil sa ne deplasam la Beijing! Astept reactia membrilor clubului!

Razvan Spiridonescu
6 Aprilie 2016